Sharon’s Bathroom

The fitter was a true gentle man and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. From start to finish he was reliable, dependable and upfront. Making over a bathroom in a 200 year old house is no easy tasks but this guy made it look like wee buns, and wow the end result was out of this world. It is truly stunning and the craftsmanship shines. Nothing was too much trouble and he really does go above and beyond.

Ten stars isn’t enough, I can’t recommend highly enough.

Thank you so much again for all you done”


Determining the size of this bathroom we depended on various factors such as available space, functionality, and personal preferences. Consider the number of users, storage needs, and any specific features for the customer

This once outdated bathroom now boasts a sleek and contemporary design. Walls adorned with large, matte PVC wall panels, ample LED lighting, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The vintage freestanding bathtub gives a contemporary touch in modern fixtures, a minimalist vanity with integrated storage, enhanced functionality while maintaining a clean aesthetic. The color palette once muted, now features neutral tones and subtle accents which provides a timeless and sophisticated feel to the rejuvenated space.

Also this modern shower tray offers feature sleek and low-profile design, made from materials like acrylic, stone resin, or porcelain. They provide easy installation, durability, and a contemporary aesthetic for modern bathrooms.